Ahrefs Launches Webmaster Tool and It’s free

Ahrefs Launches Webmaster Tool and It’s free

Originally posted 2020-09-25 17:36:32.

Ahrefs launched its Webmaster Tool and it’s a powerful suite that you must have to go ahead of your competitors.

Ahrefs is an SEO software suite from which you can do keyword research, link building, competitor analysis, site audits, rank tracking and much more.

According to Ahrefs, they index freshest backlinks on the web every 15 minutes, and crawl up to 8 billion pages a day. That’s more than a third of what Googlebot does.

They have been in the competition for a decade and are one of the most powerful SEO tools available in the market.

Even if you just started as a beginner or have been running PPC campaigns for a long time, you will need this tool in your digital marketing journey.

Ahrefs launched its webmaster tool and good news is it’s free.


You read it correctly, ITS FREE of COST

Search Engine Journal confirmed this news that Ahrefs Webmaster Tool is released on September 22, 2020 where they gave an overview of what you can expect from it.

I know it’s very important news and I was all excited to share with our design community.

Mr. Roger Montti who is the author of Search Engine Journal, who wrote the article about the all new free SEO Ahrefs Webmaster tool, was having few privacy concerns. I really like how he approached the Ahrefs team and cleared his doubts.

This shows how concerned he is about others and so generous of him.

So let me take you to the questions he asked from Ahrefs Team

1. The GSC verification is just for verification?

Yes. GSC verification was released a few weeks ago and it is a very convenient method to verify websites without adding DNS records or uploading files.

2. Is Ahrefs currently using any data from free accounts?


3. If Ahrefs decided to use the data, would they anonymize it?

Using anonymized data is just an idea. We are considering using anonymized data… and look only at keyword, position, impressions and ctr.

This is an idea only and we did not try it yet. GSC data is a low-quality source because it counts bot traffic, the same with any Google provided traffic estimation. This is why we say “we might use”.

4. If Ahref decided to use the data in an anonymized manner, would they ask permission first or send notice in an updated privacy statement?

We are always compliant with all regulations and transparent with our users, especially when it comes to ethical issues.

Here’s a snapshot from Dmitry Gerasimenko, Founder and CEO of Ahrefs, giving a clarity on privacy concerns

Dmitry Gerasimenko Twitter

This is why I like Search Engine Journal a lot, they are one of the top sites in my list from where I learn about SEO, PPC Ads, and get all the latest news about digital marketing.

Now that you know that Ahrefs Webmaster Tool is free and your privacy will not be hampered in any case, let’s take a brief overview of it.

Introduction To The New Ahrefs Webmaster Tool: What You Can Expect From It?

With its simple interface, you don’t have to hassle around and all the navigations are clearly accessible and works smoothly. If you talk about the stats, they have always lived more than expectations which adds extra value to the user experience.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Dashboard

It’s really a simple dashboard to use and has features like:

ahrefs webmaster tool dashboard

a) Health Score

b) Referring Domains

c) Domain Ratings

d) Backlinks

e) Organic Traffic

f)  Organic Keywords

g) Disavow Links Tool

Ahrefs Health Score

ahrefs health score

Health Score shows SEO data related to crawl status, crawling errors and warnings, HTTP status response codes like 200, 301, 404 and 500.

Ahrefs Backlink Tool

ahrefs backlinks tool

The backlink tool offers an overview of the number of backlinks a website has, kind of backlinks(no-follow or do-follow) etc.

Ahrefs Disavow Link Tool

It’s a management tool that helps in creating and maintaining a disavow list in an organised manner.

Ok But What Does Disavow Link Means?

Well when you do not want to count links that point to your site, you basically tell Google about it and that’s done with a disavow link tool.

It basically protects your site from link-related penalties.

Ahrefs has covered a complete article on Disavow Links which you should definitely check.

Rest of the tools you will use are very simple and show you how to do keyword research, where your keywords are ranking, what your domain ratings are etc. 

Limitations To Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

There is a little limitation to Ahrefs Webmaster Tool but don’t worry if you are a beginner, then you don’t need to worry about it. Once you have ranked your website No. 1 on Google for your targeted keywords, and generating a good amount of traffic then you can go for the paid option.
You should think like a marketer even if you belong to the design field. These are the small investments that help you in growing your design business successfully.

Site Audit

Monthly crawled URLs – 5,000 per project

Data Retention – 3 months

Js Rendering – Yes

Site Explorer

Backlink Index – “Live” Only

Rows per report – 1,000

Rows per month – 100,000

Overall Ahrefs Webmaster Tool Report

With its unique interface, reports, data, etc. they have always been one step ahead and helped so many people, businesses to grow in their respective market. So many features are packed into one SEO tool, it’s hard to believe but it’s there and i’m very happy to see. Now I can get more results for Mount Woods Studio and rank better on google.

Do let me know in the comment section below your experience of using it and what are your plans to beat your competitors. Do follow us social media so that we can connect with each other. You can also tag us if you are facing any kind of problem or even if you have achieved anything. We’ll be happy to see you there.

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