5 Important Keyword Tools For Ads Personalization and Competitor Analysis

5 Important Keyword Tools For Ads Personalization and Competitor Analysis

Originally posted 2020-11-16 17:56:15.

Tools are what defines the profession of a person and it’s these tools that helps a person in doing the work that’s assigned to them. As it’s always said that good tools make great professionals. A tool is like a heart that pumps blood within a system. A tool if given in wrong hands can even lead to a catastrophe that might cost big time. So be very careful when you’re using a tool in your life. Until you’re confident enough to use a tool don’t rush yourself to it. 

Tools are used to define a person’s profession. For example when you saw a person with scissors, brushes, combs etc. you know straight away that he’s a barber because those are the tools of a barber. So similarly in our profession we are also blessed with some magnificent tools that define what we do in our life. Without these tools we are just normal people.

We can’t just do our work without these tools because these are the backbone of our profession. A professional without his/her tools is like a person without any arms. We can’t simply do our work properly without them. So be sure to be respectful to your tools and treat them with the same respect you treat your profession.

Aa we have a lot of designer folks here today. We’ll be discussing various tools that will help you with the Keyword research. Some of them might be the Keyword analysis tool that you’ll be using in the future as well. Some of these tools are similar to that of Google AdWords which we have discussed already. So let’s dive into these tools shall we.

5 Keyword tools for Ads personalization

1. AdPlexity

AdPlexity is the Keyword tools for Ads personalization and I consider second best after Google’s AdWords. The reason I’m saying this because it not only help in keyword analysis but it helps to track the best Ad Campaigns of your competitor. If you are into e-commerce business this is one tool that is a must for you. The tool provides a full insight on what is working for your competitors.

So still you’ll be getting keyword results at a price and along with it you can analyze your competitors as well. So why don’t you give it a shot and look for yourself how good it is. This tool will be your best bet in creating PPC text ads.

2. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is another great keyword research tool for researching Keywords from your competitors website or by normal searching because of it similar search pattern to that of Google Search Network. We used this tool in order to check the range of a keywords and analyze website of our competitors to out bid them in certain valuable keywords.

Another interesting thing with them is that h=they are data driven i.e. they’ll only have real-time data and live SERP’s results. On this real-time data analysis you get recommendation that might help you generate more leads.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush another tool that has got great potential and can be useful in a lot of ways. It not only provides you keywords analysis but also tools like backlink analysis where you can even check the amount of backlinks you lost overtime.

So not only does it provide you keyword research but also other facilities. Also there’s a limitation to it’s facilities because it offers a limited amount of results and to get them fully you need to purchase premium also some of the tools are only available in premium plan as well. 

4. Keyword Tool.io

Keyword Tool.io a tool similar to that of Ubersuggest the main thing that this tool offers you is that a lot of Keyword suggestions. And by a lot I mean a lot not just few but too many and you’ll be surprised to see the variety of these keywords. Also the filter option is available that makes it easy to navigate through the keywords from relevant to search volume you can sort them according to your choice. Also it’s free of cost. This keyword research tool might be helpful in Starting PPC ad campaigns who knows right?

5. Ahref’s Keywords Analysis Tool

Ahref is the most trustworthy and best premium keyword research tool out there and I’ll choose it over any other tool. Once you’ve used this tool you’ll do the same. If you’re looking for a premium tool for Keyword research and for Ads personalization then this is the best one and you can purchase it without thinking twice.

The results are relevant and the demographics are correct and you’ll enjoy using this tool because of its magnificent UI. Also we use it to check the domain authority of websites which is indefinitely correct to every point possible. So be sure to give it a shot because it’s the most liked tool out there.

These are the five basic Keyword tools for Ads personalization that you can also use for other basic website analysis according to me. Everyone should be aware of these tools because they are easy to use and trusted by many out there even professionals that are working in big organizations use these tools from time to time.

Now comes the real question whether these Keyword tools for Ads personalization are helpful in your PPC text ads customization? Well if you want my opinion then the most important tool for ad customization is Google AdWords.

Along with Keywords analysis it offers you with ad management and creation of demo ads to check the demographics of what your Keywords might get you when you’re trying them for real in your campaigns. You also have an option to save Keywords into your account so that you don’t have to research them again and again. So if you’re thinking about customization then always go for Adwords. 

The Keyword tools for Ads personalization that we’ve discussed above are amazing by doubt but you must use them as a second platform to find new keywords. Also these are best for keywords analysis of competitors and other websites that will also help Optimize PPC Ads Campaign. So don’t worry about the results because these are used by us in the same way I’m telling you here. 

Now for today’s task do one thing research for keywords of your niche on all these platforms and then screen shot your results sharing them with us all down below or either you can upload them along with using tags #mountwoods and #mountwoodsstudio to get our attention on your social media profiles. 

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