5 Golden Tips For Better PPC Campaign Results

5 Golden Tips For Better PPC Campaign Results

Originally posted 2021-01-29 03:50:32.

Now that we’ve discussed every aspect of Google ads, How to set up Google Ads Bidding Strategies to use etc. But there are some important tips for better Campaign results that are also important and I want to share it with you today. See not every campaign is successful through the Google ads bidding strategy that we are using. Sometimes there are some cases that I’ve experienced myself that all these biddings keyword strategies all get unexpected responses that you might not have predicted.

It’s scary sometimes that what turn PPC text ads might take when you’ve planned so much. The Keywords that you’ve targeted might not get you ranked the way you’ve played or the bidding strategy that you’re using might save your money but won’t give you the reach that you’ve wished for.

No I’m not saying that it’s your fault, see Google uses an algorithm that is constantly changing means there are some aspects that are not evolved properly that need updating so due to these continuous changes your PPC text ads might affect your performance too.

Also, I’m not trying to scare you but I’m trying to highlight the serious matter here because you don’t want your campaign to be affected by such results.

I’ll be providing you some tips for better Campaign results not just random suggestions but Golden Tips that you should view carefully and implement them in your campaigns.

5 Golden Tips For Better Campaigns

1. Always Do A/B Testing

Testing is the best part of anything that you do with your campaigns. Always run more than one campaign to get the best results and find the best match of strategies for your PPC ads.

Use different Keywords for every campaign that you’ve created for testing and then once you’ve got the results get the best keywords and then try them with the best bidding strategy. What this will do is that it’ll show you your optimal strategy and also will help you learn every part of the Google ads. See what strategies I’ve told you here are good and you must try but along with this find yourself your ideal way of creating an Ad.

2. Be Very Patient

See I’ve seen people who want results the next day they have created or I’ve created a campaign for them. They ask me why can’t we get results ASAP? If you’re that kind of person then I can’t do anything for you because good things take time and you’ve to learn that yourself.

See you’ve to wait for the fruit to get ripe so that you can savour its taste similarly you’ve to let your campaign be mature enough to get the desired results out of it. So be ready to experience some long term waiting because it takes time.

3. Don’t Miss Out On Opportunities

There are various instances where Google provides you with various opportunities through events, workshops and much more. Be sure to subscribe to regular updates from google because they provide various competitions, workshops related to adwords that will help you in your learning as well. Not only that but it’ll provide you with certification as well. So be sure to opt for these opportunities offered by Google itself.

4. Always Do Your Research

The one thing that I’ve stressed every time that you’ve to do research for every campaign that you’re designing. Because of the fact that you’re doing your Homework then and only then you’ll be cleared in the tests that you’ll be taking.

Similarly you’ll have to research the PPC campaigns of yours and your competitors in order to get the better results out of the campaigns that you’ll be designing.

5. Open To New Ideas

Now remember this not always will your old strategies or Keywords will work for you there will be some other people using similar techniques and challenging you. Instead of butting head with your competitors you must always choose to implement new strategies and use new ideas to get ahead of your competitors.

The reason why this is important is because it’ll open doors of unimaginable opportunities for you and also improve your decision making while creating a PPC campaign.

These are the 5 most important Golden Tips that no one will tell you while you’re designing a campaign. These tips will help you get the most out of your PPC text ads and give you an edge over the others. These tips are still implementable and work like a charm so be sure to use them in your campaigns.


Now you all must be wondering how much time will it take to get the results out of these tips for better Campaign. I’m not gonna lie to you and say that you’ll get instant results but the truth is opposite you’ll have to work hard and be on your path that you’re continuing.

If you ask me it took me several months to get proper results from PPC campaigns and in this journey I’ve made several mistakes. So it’ll take somewhere around a year for a Design folk like you by using these tips for better Campaign results so be ready for some hard work and consistency.

Also, if you haven’t understood some of these tips for better Campaign results then be sure to discuss it in the comment section below and I’ll help you out as well.

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